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These are some of the common questions we are asked on a regular basis

Electric shocks occur when a flow of electricity goes through a body. They can be caused by poorly insulated wires or electrical equipment which hasn’t been earthed correctly.

When electrical equipment comes into contact with water, users may experience an electric shock. The length and strength of the current does determine how damaging the shock is to the person.

Shocks can range from at worst case scenario death, paralysis and unconsciousness, to startling sensations and muscle spasms. The range of injuries caused by electrical shocks can be extremely damaging.

Burn marks can often be found at the points where the current has entered and left the body. Electrical accidents can happen from cheap or DIY electrical jobs, poor wiring jobs and more.

The body is a good conductor of electricity being up to 60% of water, so wearing insulated gloves and footwear can help protect the wearer from burns. Rubber and wood are also excellent sources of insulation.

Depending on where the fire is and how bad, try to go where the circuit breakers are and turn them off. This cuts power to the affected area.

The safest course of action is to completely cut power to the entire house. Use a special class C fire extinguisher, which is designed especially for situations like electrical fires. Use the extinguisher to put out any sparks that are showing on the malfunctioning appliance or unit. Remember to keep yourself safe and if in doubt, call the fire services.

Electrical fires can occur at any time and often during the holiday season. Overloaded extension plugs can blow, additional heat and light can lead to fire. Check electrical sockets aren’t overloaded. Don’t run too many energy intensive appliances from a single socket.

Check all appliance cords and plugs regularly. If they’re frayed or worn out then they’ve got the potential to cause a problem.

A major cause of home electrical fires is faulty wiring. Some user tips- don’t force 2 pronged plugs into a 3 pronged socket without an adaptor. The wrong voltage running through a piece of equipment could be disastrous.

Lightbulbs, fuses and sockets which short frequently are a sure sign electrical circuits are overloaded. A professional electrician can fault find faulty wiring and repair the issue. Don’t hide wires under carpets and rugs.

You hire the professional electrician to do the job properly and keep everyone safe!  We’ve all seen the messy and complicated jumble of wires running along the inside of walls and behind skirting boards.

Do not jump on Google and try and do the work yourself. Incorrect wiring done by an unlicensed and uninsured person can void your insurance, so when the inevitable electrical fire happens you’ll find yourself with huge repair bills.

Would you really trust yourself to jump in and start cutting and removing wires? Google may tell you how to keep the green wire separate from the yellow wire, but it may be a disaster in the making, putting lives at risk.

That’s why only trained and experienced electricians should perform electrical work. Paying for a licensed electrician ultimately saves you time, effort and money, ensuring you and your house are safe. Quality work lasts and gives you the peace of mind that a professional job has been done.

Security is a must these days. We want our homes and family to be safe and installing security lights on the outside of your home is an easy and effective method to increase the safety of your home.

Police stats show they have a proven effect on deterring prospective criminals. Nothing increases the feeling of personal safety with bright security lights that flash on as an intruder approaches.

Infrared security lights can be activated by sensors which turn on when movement happens within their range. They alert you to movement in the area as well as allowing you to see if anyone might be lurking in the shadows.

Yes, animals can set off the sensors, or a neighbour wanders by, there is an easy fix for this. The field of activation can be adjusted which is why an expert should install your security lights.

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